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Journaling has brought about a life-changing shift in perspective for our family. Coming together every evening to ask “what are you grateful for today?” has created a deeper bond amongst us, the opportunity to reflect and lots of happiness in general. This is a routine we are so proud to incorporate very early on in our children and we are delighted The Joon Journals are supporting us in raising children who live with an attitude of gratitude.

Adanna Steinacker

Journaling has become my way of reflecting, acknowledging and showing gratitude for the little moments in life that each day brings with it. I love that The Joon Company is encouraging kids to get into a routine of being thankful as getting into the habit of doing so really does bring about fulfilment going from my personal experience.

Onyi Moss

Adanna & David introduced us to the practice of gratitude journaling with our son Mason. We all shared and wrote down what we were grateful for and it was really heartwarming listening to our 4 year old talk about being thankful. We have since incorporated this routine and are excited that The Joon Journal will support us as we continue to practice gratitude as a family.

Siobhan & Byron