In June 2020, amid the pandemic, we realised as a family that there were things we could be grateful for despite the panic and uncertainty, and that practicing gratitude could help us live with a focus on happiness instead of fear. So we started journaling together every day, particularly taking stock of the things and people around us we were thankful for.

Gradually, it became a routine that our children never wanted to miss. We would hear chants of “what are you grateful for” around the house and that would bring us to a halt to think about the things we had, or the blessings we experience on a seemingly bad day. It refined our focus on living every day with purpose and deliberation.

When we noticed just how much we write down by intentional introspection, we came up with the idea to create journals to encourage families to incorporate a routine that will change their perspective on life.

So, we came up with The JOON Journal, inspired by the month we incorporated this life-changing routine. We can’t tell you how much closer this has brought us as a family, nor quite describe the amount of joy and laughter we experience each night we get to #Joon.

So here you have it - The JOON Journal. We hope you enjoy #Jooning as much as we do and that it inspires you to constantly live with an attitude of gratitude.#Jooning: The daily routine of journaling anything we are particularly grateful for.

The Adanna & David Family


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